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views originally held. We should not, however, emphasize the

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The fact was just such an one as would at once attract the earnest

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Dr. Carr, Mr. Cord}' Burrows, and other speakers inveighed.

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follow-up or the varying duration of observation. Melody 16

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The thoracic contents were all displaced upwards. The left ventricle

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mation (as tonsillitis) causing a marked exaggeration of the muscular con-

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centre of the diaphragm, and the bronchial and submaxillary glands of a pig, five

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mented condition. Death occurred from exhaustion on the

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tude intensifies. He was free from anxieties hx business,

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also a fracture of the neck of the thigh, probably produced by the manipulation

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dino to protect him from the cold, sleety rain in the early

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port for duty at Fort Harrison, Missouri, upon the aban-

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sarily a more serious disorder than the other forms

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the hunting for them. 1 never go for a walk without haunting some

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.since its first appearance. The case was presented for a diag-

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same condition. In one the tumor was cancerous, and

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singly to be made responsible for the effects of his ad-

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tion of terpilene, the hydrate of terpilene being, as had been known for

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hoping to get a sensation of grating, but that gave me no help. On the

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'I'venteen were operati-d upon within the first twenty

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The writer therefore suggests that it should be possible to make use of the

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name or title of Physician, Doctor of Medicine, Licenti-

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with which the sound-waves fall upon the ear ; the second, to

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practice. 0|ihtli. Ect., Lond., 1898, xvii, 199-208. Also

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found a somewhat similar mass of jelly containing ova of the

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uncertainty and doubt that at present surrounds it. Then

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perience with the citrate of potassium is, that it is the

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through the smallest arc. In like manner, in shoulder cases the presenting

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the rickety child or the sufferer from meningitis (p. 58) ; the description

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general rules can be applied to cases of this sort : each case must be decided

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other merchandise. One of this group bought and sold rags as his chief under-

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was light colored and showed no blood or parasites.

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the disease, and to afford hints for a more successful

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of infective (low-grade) inflammation of the biliary tract. Having been

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able hardness. On stretching the skin of the part, or on exerting

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and neck. In most instances, physical examination of the

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