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served to place them in a position which is practically unassailable. Witness in

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rectus of a locus minoris resistentia', a feeble point

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a large effusion. Frequently this effusion is not limited to the joint itself,

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Lewis's micro filaria* is not the only blood-w r orm in

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spleen were also abnormally movable. The latter, however,

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each glandular orifice. This condition, which is occasionally observed

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majority of cases there is at first considerable clouding of the mental faculties.

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tumours, 14 w^ere ordinary multilocular, smooth-walled

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found to exist in the posterior and inferior parts of the lungs, in the

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2. ^incipee d^Eleotro-thirapie, Par le Dr. E. CroN. Paris, 1878.

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not in cases of the so-called s«b-mammary purulent deposits upon the surface

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at the rate of some hundreds every month. The professional

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ounce to be taken daily. Murchison combines the hydrochloric and the

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Circular, goes to prove that rest and bland diet is the most

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lifetime in a state of perpetual fear that each day is supposed

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and stress upon the heart and great vessels. An obliterating endarteritis,

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an organic affection of the cord should in some cases subside than that a

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on thirty-seven cases of tuherculons disease of the liip-

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full and rounded, especially in women with lax alxlominal walls.

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and appearance to tliat constituting the better-defined nodules.

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of the most active kind — brandy, ammonia, sinapisms, with an

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theria. A decade from now it is more than likely that a half-dozen of

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it may be present behind either shoulder blade, or be most

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analogy, the production of lipase would be increased by cultivating

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as Vv'ithout, still, it will be admitted hy everybody that, if

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from the trachea, seems to me well worthy of a more ex-

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morning of the 15th, when I caused him to be placed in the

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was reduced to 1 ounce per diem; nevertheless, the quantity of sugar

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*he skin of the prepuce, the situation of the dorsum of the corona

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against this lype of infection that the efforts of workers in the fields

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over, as it were, by a sonorous rhonchus, especially