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brain. Rapid contraction of the cutaneous vessels en-

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to form an Australian Association for the Advancement

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have any hand in the afTaii-, and it was only when on

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a few weeks, the child was free of every symptom of his troublesome

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mortar four parts of iodine, and two parts of water; then add

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(positive Schick cases). These 1,000 were retested at

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whole evidence, his mind was left in such a state as to convince him that

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into sensitive fringe-like processes, but the lining of the cheeks

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fifty millions of people free, proud, and happy. The schoolhouse on

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ficed for objects of less importance ; the enormous ad-

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some years ago, and the other tumor I saw removed by Mr.

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ej'^os are not at that age sufficiently registered in the psycho -motor

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tion, and Welfare, Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health,

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Schlange.'"' Ileincke,'" Koclier, Ariid,*' Levy,*" Beck,''"

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and heart troubles — of the vault of the nose, exoph-

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with exhibition of patient ; discussed by Drs. Thompson, of Seru-

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and, consequently, often get wrong ideas of what is said, and report them

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the day l>eforc. She had a passage on Friday evening,

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in nine cases out of ten, have their origin in cupidity and spite,— profes-

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any strong mental emotion is excited ; that fatigue impedes it ; that

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the bromides in robust patients : but not to the same extent in the case of the

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with greater obfiacles to his refearch in the claffes of Moiutciay

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Barnes, Edwin, Pleasant Plains, Dutchess Co. Original.

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mach. It appears also in cancer of the hreast, particularly when the

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Case I. is remarkable for the reason that there was no apparent cause

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tomatoe which makes it healthful as a blood purifier ; so pleasant it is,

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In the experiments of Dr. Williain Hammond, we have still more valuable data fbr

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remedied by an insignificant plastic operation. This is

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portion of the field. The former, Mr. Jeaffreson believes never before to have

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to be a question of whether or not oophorectomy is justi-

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aware of, which produces relief to so marked a degree, — and

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coroner's court. A brief detail of the case aj^peared in

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in mind that- an old tympanic or labyrinthine affection may be

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