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that the plaintiff was suffering from the form of neuras-

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The principal object of treatment is to remove the cause if pos-

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longer. The fulminant form is fatal in three or four days.

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the doctor meets in the course of his everyday prac-

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to excessive formation of adipose tissue. Two cases are described as

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inserted, the acetabulum expo.sed. and the size of the cap-

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While in a general way the absolute values are proportionate to

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Oi^e 1173. Age 43, single ; profuse menstruation, 2 tumors.

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the contents of the cells, we obtain exact information only by

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In these days, we may assume that it is conceded that the

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frequently examined for occult blood, and the diet is not altered

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were given every eight hours. In the twelfth application

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ing the inflammation to the sub-acute, or chronic form — if this be

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which, with analogous mental troubles of a fugitive character, can un-

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seriously from syphilis, but do not die from it, though

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for you. I think it will probably be better if I say

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heal like a wound, by the first intention ; thus the secondary inflam-

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concentration of chlorid occurs in certain types of cardiac and renal

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more than two inches long, it is well to cut them down to

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severity of the general and local disorders mentioned ; the general de-

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patients, but to inspire fortitude, and to prescribe reg-

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slight, and the portion of the wound remaining uncicatrized was not

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lung until it is drained by cough. That oozing is swel-

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nearly a thousand enfeebled children strikingly re-

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than the left side of the heart. It was, therefore, clear that,

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this respect. As to its application in severe cases of

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Some of the infection was believed to have been conveyed in this way.

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blood may be increased by diminution of the latter. This obtains, in a

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of the Hindoo sage who could stop his respiration and cir-

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at the close of the second week, though the temperature had fallen from

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are thought to be simply giddiness or faints. It is generally necessai-y to

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made was a labourer, 26 years of age, who, whilst asleep,

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I have long been led to believe that our treatment of

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without leaving any structural change. The case is different where the