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Mosso, Die Umwandlung der rothen Blutkorperchen etc. Virchow's Archiv 109,
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dissolved its coats. The case which I have detailed at length
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a distance of about iVa inches above the wrist it is
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with Plaster of Paris bandage, or if that is not handy, soak a
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the existence of a mitral stenosis and of a mitral presystolic
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name or title of Physician, Doctor of Medicine, Licenti-
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It follows that an elimination of the morbid products can only be accom-
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hot climate. It is mainly in the tropics that this affection is found,
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Diseases of Women," 1910. Most text-books adopt both anatomical
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of the dropsy which is only the symptom of other disease,
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a boy, healthy, in good condition, weighing 7 Lbs. 2 oz. Mother's
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These movements are involuntary, but usually cease during sleep.
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of vision this man had a bone-felon on the right thumb, which
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W8A at rest, as &r as his voluntary motions were concerned ; we must come to the con-
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symptom certainly, when auscultatory signs are wanting, is haemop-
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to be the best from experience. The main object is to
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trivial affection ; but Dr. Savill pointed out, in reply,
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soluble products of the leprosy bacillus, through the
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issuing of a diploma to them, if they did not possess one.
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correspond with those of my case. Dorsal decubitus, lower
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was as high as — 0'87 for the twenty-three years, the question arose as to
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corpuscles in the plasma. On this date there was no
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peptonized readily by adding half a pint of water to a pint of
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Reflexes. — Knee-jerk present. No A.C. Superficial re-
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The remedy t<> be applied is a " horse of another color," and I sin-
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slightly raise blood pressure. The vessels are somewhat
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rule is, that the respirations are relatively more quickened
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one of great difficulty to ; and nothing could
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this case the 9th rib was resected ; if it had been
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of pregnancy, and this mistake is made by those most subject to pelvic contrac-
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tubes and of the superior advantages of an opening through an alveolus.
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an excess of acid (as is seen in diabetes). The volatile fatty acids have
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son why such persons should not have contracted the