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Sfrague, E. K., assistant surgeon. Granted leave of absence

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contiguous teeth. In acute dyspepsia, the state of the

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from a well water which was contaminated from an old lead clock

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some of her Southern States, has territory in which

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uring the paroxysm ; they may persist with even greater severity during

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reaction following any of the injections. On December 19, 1 cc

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iejunostomy in the same space of time that a Murphy button could be

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Epilepsie jack.sonienne chez un hEiEdo.s.vphilitique de 5

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phia ; Storer, in Boston ; Tewksbury and Greene, in

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strument, every other day, for some time retained, than of a

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usual in other types of fever; for just as ail seemed happily

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1502, of whom 64 only are known to have taken the disease, or about

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dependence to be placed upon the aoid than its salt in septic

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14th. Unfavorable symptoms subsided ; the lips of the external

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past and the requirement of food is made up from the bottle following

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repeated attacks laid bare the shoulder, and requesting some friend

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operate. In giving these cases over to the surgeon, whenever sudi

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to the mechanical irritation of the uterus by the ovum : the latter,

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ments during the relation, but, in his appearance, reminded me of a

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an animal which has taken the disease contains an agent which

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lignant pericardial effusion is not justified because for many

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the end of a probe. (H and C, Fig. i.) The tonsils are

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twomixtuies; R. S.quiniae J)ii — 3j; aquae cinnam., syr. aurant. aafgii. M. No. 1.

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this is objectionable. Oiling of water surfaces should be done

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most readily the line of infection ? Should it not follow

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1905. Given, Ellis E. W., M.D., Surgeon to the Philadelphia Free-

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his father's personal fiienii. Professor Lincoln, at Burling-

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Council of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

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relieve First Lieutenant Arthur W. Morse, assistant surgeon.