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is untrue, without making the proper examination or enquiries which the cir-

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record, the patient, after the first month, volunteered

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washing or changing the linen of the patient. Both of these opera-

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Stress and Disease, ed. 2, Springfield, Ilk, Charles

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in Scotland ; with any coloring or herbs, etc., added, it is not

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times a cause of death. This fact was exemplified by one of the two fatal

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" Maladie de Corrigan," his description of Cirrhosis of the Lung, and his lectures

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radium treatments, but also to keep them under very careful observation.

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well Tentilated, and with the exception of the primitive huts

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The Y^-z KI solution, of which 1 cc. is equivalent to 1 mg. of

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cation. Phila. M. Times, 1884-5, xv, 673 - 675.— Oayton

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and to the rapidly appearing circumscribed wheals of urticaria, which

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in the explosive manner generally accepted, so that "every one was

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diminished. The sensations hitherto experienced by the invalid

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Upon the birth of the child, a ligature was applied to the peduncle, as near as

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to a court of summary jurisdiction for an order authorising the occupation of the

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attain effectiveness when the treatment by unquali-

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The pathological conditions alluded to in the paper

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ships resulting from the nine months school year and

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headache nor any symptom of determination of blood to the brain. He

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medical officers that lie considers necessary and desires to have de-

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been strong, or those really active and hard-working, who have

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Times and Gaz.,' Jan. 7, 1854, p. 8 ; see also his ' Obstetric Med. and Surg.,'

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are different, and require difTerent management. It is not, however, in

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Mead gained the royal favour, and was made Court physician ; but

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1. Mi'dicines arc almost, if not quite, powerless to

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evidence, by which the truth was sifted out, was as nearly

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treatment, are first to be tried ; for rigor and collapse, immediate opening

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the head, the best anti-intermittent tonics, as quinine, or

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cases which coul4 not be touched by a surgeon have been cured.

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original substance, and then mixing it with powdered gluten

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<'ated knuckle of gut drawn out, and a small glass rod passed

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when exposed to 90° C. for about half an hour it loses

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A Quarantine Station for Uontreal.^On account of com-