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of asserting. The real issue lies far deeper than this, and is
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The flowers of tlie Viola odorata, or Sweet Violet (Nat.
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the lasting gratitude of his professional brethren,
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the sudden accession of a sense of suffocation, accompanied by tume-
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dram of urotropin, and then withdrew from treatment. A
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are all ver>- well reported except in one particular, and
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Has always enjoyed good health until about three weeks ago, when he went to Liver-
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is suitable for strumous glands does not agree so well
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advanced slowly. Both sides became strongly contracted; death on sixteenth day.
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percussion the chest sounds clear, but the respiration is generally
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the country, other eminent medical men and by the coroners.
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The singer is told to sing the same tone as that produced by blowing
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politan hotels are large modern ones, conducted either on the
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ment. There are too few journals of the type of the American
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Those parts of the hepatic parenchyma in which the liver-cells are
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junction, 75 in the small intestine, and 10 in the colon.
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A peculiar languor of temperament further characterizes
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whole evidence, his mind was left in such a state as to convince him that
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copious vomiting. Death sometimes comes gradually from progressive
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stances easy of solution and assimilation. To this end, the time of the meals
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any proprietary food should be chosen, temporarily, clean raw
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Dr. Geikie, of Trinity College, and Dr. Fowler, of Queen's, both
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true labour pains. I prescribed for the patient an-
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quantity of sulphate of copper taken by the five patients has
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sis that the soluble ferments are albuminoid matters in
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Among injuries, damage to the nails arising from heat and cold must
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pidity with which the disease progressed was very remarkable,
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general, however, evidence is readily obtained by examining the spots or
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which the direct cerebellar tract originates. (4) Many fibres
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March 22. — Reports from Dr. Barrie at Uskub, Mr. Berry and Captain
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ness the elimination of the blue does not appear to be inter-
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■uioift ikin, the late appearance of jaundice, abundant fecretioii
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cent and the amiable, and if they had tails, no doubt would
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was due to hemorrhage, and that the complete blindness
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differences great, a supplementary table of ages at death in each
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With a large curved needle he passes two stout catgut ligatures through