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A.) Kostnoplasticheskoye zakritie defekta cherepa pri
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omy he considered frequently necessary in extreme cases,
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the patella, knock-knee was present, and the external condyle
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until her death, which occurred January 7, 1894, from pneumonia, six
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entire results will be given at a later date. However, even
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the internal jugular vein should be explored when the sub-
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fermentation and gas formation referable to the action of yeast
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him or which may afterwards become due him for medical service,
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2. Grave gastric symptoms, such as severe colic, diarrhoea,
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Anaiytic or Cathartic Method. — Based upon the theories of Breur and
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elderly x^eople, and it is not always easy to say whether the eruption
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ment. The alcoholic requires the brornids with codein in such
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hour per square meter of surface, which is half-way between the
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tomy, (3) Nerve stretching, (4) Avulsion of nerves, and (5) The excision of the
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mastoid region, but the skin Avas freely movable, and it did
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graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School,
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with which institution he was at one time connected,
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good digestion and a vigorous and healthful circulation.
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successive generations of patients is worthy of i^reserva-
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very acute in the ear and in the face on the right side in one of my patients. One
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with these gentlemen arose the present modern school of me-
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Honfrkong. There is almost an entire absence of the utter
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pose of disinfection and through which all the body and bed linen and
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method of Furbringer. By this procedure it is possible,
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muscles or nerves have been distinguished. Fractures of
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In 1782, when Dr. Hamilton published his memoirs on the
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College of Surgeons ; Mr. Curling, President of the Royal
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as a machine amenable to ordinary mechanical laws, and capable
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varied by nature in almost precisely the same manner as we
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1st. Upon a due supply of plasma; and 2d. Upon the appro-
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hand, in a fcAv exceptional cases, there has been distinct mental defect.
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Syphilitic brain disease, due to general endarteritis or multiple gummata,