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wall. The hernia must not be allowed to descend, as one
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p. 389.) Mr. Tomkins, of Yeovil, inspected the body of a man who died
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causing pain over the region of the kidney is often the occasion of great
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ful examinations which I have made during the last six
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cation, California Medical Association, PO Box 7690, San Fran-
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children are exposed. On the other hand, it may well be true in the
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years, who had a violent purulent opthalmia, which he
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from beios always oplxmietic he had become prnnimMtini ; aogrmt
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the demands thus made upon him," etc. He has further
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usual way. The chief object of his communication was to point out the man-
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ed liquors and wine, together with indolence and inactivity, are the
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was no jaundice. Patient passed successively through stages of
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within the southern counties, but are becoming generally distributed
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ing it without having had the requisite amount ot experi-
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many courses and L,diastly formality when unearned bv
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from bronchial catarrh, and are kept in the house and deprived of fresh
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few symptoms present very serious destructive processes are going on, and,
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necessity of special treatment of the atypical and back-
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of the nervous system. The intestines showed evidence of long standing
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with the majority of observers in asserting the absence of specific toxines
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in size, the larger nodules usually forming the central jwrtion of the masses,
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health and signed by Dr. H. H. Davis, the president, and Eugene
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interpretation. X'abseuce de fosses, les iscluons toujours i decouvcrt, la
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Bloody Sioohm — ^When blood is discharged with the stools ,
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in bacterioloy were added, viz., the introduction of the staining of
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He has shown that during the contractions of the uterus in natural
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Technic and Amount. Desensitizing has been done by the sub-
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him or which may afterwards become due him for medical service,
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Messrs. BaLss Brothers i Co. Messrs. Geo. Cmling & Co. | Messrs. Hearon, Squire, & Francia.
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the prognosis in respect to freedom from recurrence in subsequent
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