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history is negative. She had enjoyed excellent health up to

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satisfactory in doing what they were intended to do, and,

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ward upon the extremities ; the breathing becomes easy, and, the diar-

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halves again divided, each part being known as a quarter of the

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Anoci- Association. By George VV . Cnle, /tii , ' • oon r ..

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space purple like the rest of the mucous membrane ; and in many places

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and their urticaria, would appear to be due to chronic infection,

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orthodox one. Different stones were used, and on these

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tion of the stools, urine, sputum, vomitus, and clothing. In addition

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more than forty, I mast have accumulated some experience in both

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state. Referrals were often made to larger cities, usually far

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lived almost to its end. He was a contemporary of that eccentric

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— 17° they died out in two hours and the blood failed to infect animals. Hang-

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II P.M. He was eighty-six years of age, and forty-eight

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thenic without recognizing the cause. The pre-existence of such

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of different ages, portions being yellow, he suggested

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as that of Mr. Harris, Peter Colston was in quiet communion

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Some of our boards of health are doing what they can in this

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3 The treatment of pathological hypersecretory conditions (eg,

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and sacral, indicated in Fig. 53. The branches of these

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or subacute airway obstruction in 54 patients without j

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in the throat, and considoralde innc.iiB socniod to ho acciimiiiat-

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The careful regulation of the diet is also a point of great importance

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thou continue thy sway over the mind and body of woman % how long shall thy

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every three hours. In the case of adults, where the treat-

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estimated 10,000 POW’s who were to be evacuated from

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In the mildest cases of dysentery there is no fever, but when the

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by a fatal termination. In the collation of 100 cases, recently made

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headadie, pains in the limbs^ lieuralgic pains in trunk, as

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with thin orange-coloured tissue-paper, so as to obstruct the

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manently fixes the position which the physician wishes.

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duce a decided diminution in the oxyhiemoglobin, though

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Treatment. — Abundant nourishment, tonics, protection of uncovered