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Micrococcus catarrlialis, and so on ; or the throat distemper oi'ganism may be

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Belgian cart horses, which were respectively 10 and 11 years

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igation of interesting cases, and from an interchange of ideas there

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admitted to competitive tests in a ward which else must be —

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warfare, the movements of troops, the influx of refugees from the

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and nervous, the flesh is softer and occasionally perspiration

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throughout two-thirds of the tube, and with the existence

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influence of this part of our system. I must state, m It-

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part of the Alabama Legislature in 1977 to pass a new

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Remedy.— Comfortable box; light, digestible, laxative

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while the divided ends were separated. Since then I have abandoned the

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1895, Ixvi, 491. — Randall (B. A.) Simple tests of the

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excessive deposit of fatty matter in the liver in con-

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I append a reproduction of Ferrier's chart of psyclao-motor

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Hospital ; Albert Frederick^Field/St. Bartholomew's HospitaL

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pect her to live long, and were not a little surprised

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regard to standing, and esjjecially with regard to ex-

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ue solutions, while they readily precipitate those of strychnia. Nitric acid has

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in living matter. The animal organism as a whole, and its compo-

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alone in those months, as the rate of mortality due to other infantile

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In view of the comparative frequency of cerebral haemorrhage during

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the manner already described, and without any hemor-

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is dampened with soapsuds and is then filled with the plas-

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or after an inhalation. Not merely can gastric spasm and

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all admitted are found suicidally inclined. Lunacy is increas-

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an epidemic, and it is attributed to a "wave" — an

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Paulesco show that while this method of treatment has proved success-

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T« ,? , tian ' laf ' h0 bekuli "VWe- Khona. Yeyi! indvodza yeva

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the first time has fallen below the average, although the numbers of

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rhage. There is also a possibility that gangrene may

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