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known the woman by caring for her during a previous

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strains examined decolorized uniformly by Gram's method. The

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hydrochloric acid test is capable of readily detecting 1 part of for-

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ment in the humours or liquids of the body. Later, savants

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inch square. If seen early, caustics are all that is necessary in cancer

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place a covering of salicylic wool. Should any abrasions or ulcers arise,

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September; the practical classes will commence on the 17th.

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joint disease, 299 of humpback, 70 of white swelling,

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Ascending in the animal scale, fibrin and albumen are super-

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anteversion of the uterus. There was a small polyp on

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astringent treatment such as the vaginal suppository just

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The statPine'iiT tha.tjilth inaif be a possible cause^

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common in tropical countries, and it is frequently associated

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points out to us the portion of the chest in which the bronchial tubes

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May 22. The tumour having rather an undefined base, no

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to 3° ; but it does not end in hypothermia. It may be seen in all the

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times they are normal, sometimes diminished, sometimes increased;

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fibers find neither a suitable soil nor the proper functional connection to the closely

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flagella are always on the outside. The undulating membranes

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the general biologist, the botanist, and the pure physi-

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Reduced Railway Fare to "Washington. — The follow-

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giddiness, stupor, paralysis of the lower extremities, convulsions

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gins at the internal border of the first metatarso-phalangeal joint, and

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The non-inflammatory form is called sudamen, or miliaria crystallina.

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boundaries. Selenka' also found that the villi of the

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between the ulcer of the duodenum, visceral colic, appendicitis, acute dila-

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ters of a medical character as attracted my attention lately, in Boston.

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appeal to facts, we should then have a criterion by which to estimate the

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he shall collect and make proper credits for the same, and perform such

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