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lay on the ground, and houses without floors furnished most of the cases.

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of the sciatic nerve, sometimes for its whole length.

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mation might result in adhesion to the surrounding parts, and

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ceous desquamation, or in pieces of epidermis of greater or less size.

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and bottom. The reproduction of contagion in a locality no doubt

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Members of the Wisconsin State Medicnl Society, and Ladies and Gen-

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Treatment — In many cases of death by cardiac failiu'e life is extinct before

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\vhich thofe parts of tlie fyftcm on which the anin al funtlions depend

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Serous types are also shown by certain nervous symptoms, such as wild

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Parts Infested. — The caecum, the colon and the rec-

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disagreeable, and I had to operate by candle-light.

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has been most thoroughly explored, and "which is best under-

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In conclusion, the subscriber congratulates both himself and the read-

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work that has been done in this country with the pneumatic cabinet —

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ations were undertaken at varying periods after the in-

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is also a granular degeneration of the muscle fibres in the early stage ;

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brain. Rapid contraction of the cutaneous vessels en-

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vocate the use of the forceps as the best means of de-

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tology, Allergy and Immunology. Address correspondence

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femoral phlebitis. In these women, then, in the absence of ana-

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that version presented the fairest chance of effecting delivery with

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One of the patients had had cardiospasm with dysphagia for

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to the formation of a habit of using opium is to be considered. Moreover,

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practice we all accept this distinction and agree that febrile

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This is especially liable to happen if the room is poorly ventilated.

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gift. . . . Then in Chan-Chan [in Yunnan] it happened that in the daytime

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The first class of paralyses is most common after typhus

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made between typhus and typhoid, and when the existence of

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Resolved, that the Delegates of this Society to other state

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and tbe labor goes on to its termination. Wben tbe placenta

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Treatment. — Tranquillization of the heart is the main indica-

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the heart the rudiment of a ''presystolic" regurgitant bruit is

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