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may be either diphtheritic or non-diphtheritic. Whichever it is, the micro-
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the thyreoid gland enabled us to give only very hypothetical
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by Mr. Charles Maccabe of Wimpole Street; and Mr. B.
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and perhaps a light bandage on. and hold it still. The
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Now, passing from this caseous pneumonic ])htliisis,
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and is shorter ; and when the person stands up, the heel does not reach the ground.
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should fill it with some notes I wished to make on the Hall
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Political action recommended the adoption of the re-
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under Dr. Waite's care he was treated with bicarbonate of
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poured off from the sediment without loss. This should be done at one time, as
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examination of the chest, I was so struck by the mascu-
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prostration, coma and respiratory failure. Recovery ensued
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The special claim of this method of intestinal suture to
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the surgeon, about midnight. There was | were present. The patient was a girl aged
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)termine whether the fragments are retained in an immov-
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somewhat, according to the proportion of the blood outside the
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of "'* rash and unnecessary attempts ;" but it is not easy to define
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short, the disposition rather that of the horse, and the voice is not
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at the elevation of the standard of medical instruc-
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they were killed and found on autopsy to be free from lesions of disease.
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number 2. (4) Ninety degrees counterclockwise from number 3.
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and is also audible with pressure from the third to the fifth left cartilages (right ventricle) ;
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When a portion of a testicle is allowed to remain after
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and are weighed and then mixed with one third of their weight of physio-
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external recti may be paralysed from pressure on the two sixth nerves as they
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blood ; the kidneys were congested, and dark-red in color, and the
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and exfoliated epithelium, and a modified or deficient secre-