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the death of rabbits. In the animals which succumbed to the
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H. P., single, aged 63, was admitted to the General Hospital on
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tion ; and indeed this occurrence is so very frequent that we need not
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Mew Iiondon County (Conn.) Medical Society.— The one
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wax models, presented to the Hunterian Museum by Professor
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the material elements of poetry ; and that fine sense
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immunes can be easily selected by the Schick test for passive immuniza-
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Lieut. -Col. Patrick H. Henderson, D.S.O., M.B., to be Temporary Colonel whilst employed
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could always be prevented by proper ineehnnical protection to
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3. Pruritics Ant. — Is this a disease or merely a symptom? The
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and painful toil of the true worker, acute in power of super-
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of sharp pelvic pain, which may also occur in normal
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Three days before admission, just after he had eaten his
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The use of wood-soot is nearly obsolete in this country, but
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blunted by the consciousness of established provision
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face of the scaleni muscles. In this space lies the greatest
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take than in any other part of the human economy. And
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Starchy food; corn flour; potato; bread with more or less milk, fresh
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experiment and observation before entering upon the particular
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ing, and the illustrations of this large volume are truly admirable.
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paralyses. Delay in response, or actual speechlessness are more common
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head very wisely emphasized thoroughly paralyzing the sphinc-
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palliate the distress at the expense of the general organism. In little
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or chemical processes. The extract containing cocculus indicus is intensely
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The temperature may afford no guide ; for in abscess, as in tumour,
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nitis too quickly to come into hospital. They were, however, exceptionally seen
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the Committee observe that operations on the dead body are required.
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speculum. The bowels are to be constipated for two weeks at least
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honorary chief, the Emperor of Russia. In private conversation with me, he
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amount, for some days after the temperature had fallen to below
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and permanent lesion, but the recent and probably temporary
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be properly clean. They are to be moved about in a capsule or
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