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analgesia was present over the entire body, except a

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hospital before the date of labour, she had in a measure con-

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times irregular. Stertor is rare. The pulse at the commencement of the

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Ontario as to the best methods of treatment of the feeble-

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sion, and secondly in relying principally upon the use of stimulants when the

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To Readers and Correspondents. — The editor will be happy to receive early

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might be brought about. Loss of appetite and weight, gas-

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striking illustration in the case of Dr. Parish, of Philadel-

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isolate this antitoxin property or to obtain it in a more

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of the milk of Bengali women were made in the Physiological

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ing cortex or cord had some influence shown by the resulting individual

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study a little can do blood chemistry. The big man of today is the

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into use, and the navy actually suffered most frightfully from scurvy till

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composition. It happens that such concretions are occasionally voided

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organic injury of both makes the work of reparation longer

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amount, whilst others have, very properly, I think,

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Finding all our efforts to control the pyrexia so unsuccessful, recourse

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statement made by the essayist, that a spontaneous cure may be looked

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little Robbie, when one day, in his seventh year, we being down town, the tall

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So there may be pains in the joints or viscera, there may be

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resuscitated, and cried as strongly as a child born at the full period of

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tice of medicine is uncertain, unscientific, and empirical. My own

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iodides the diagnosis of tuberculous gummata, which

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but the improvement continues for several years. The prog-

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mentary to some remarks published last year by the same

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Great Britain the doctrines held in Germany respecting glaucoma

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less calcaneus, giving the condition best described as congenital pes

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ing in mind certain broad principles of professional conduct.

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