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forget the sudden and violent death of a little one under
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proved fatal, the same journal, March 31, 1860, p. 323.)
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a month or for shelter in the county home? Are people discharged
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stopping place it was late in the evening. He was cold, and hungry, and very
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Case I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X Total Group Age at I. Q.
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Chirurgical, the Clinical, the Surgical Societies, etc., have been well
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ondary coil comes to the primary. For instance, the increase of the
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Erysipelas — Dr. John G. Stephenson, of Terre Haute, Indiana,
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destitute of its natural gloss, and, in 2 to 5 days, patches of false
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T oday’s resistant pathogens are the tough survivors of
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ing power ; and because they have difl"erent proper-
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mother and sister were over-solicitous about Bessie
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ion strong applications are required in treating these cases in
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I saw in consultation with Dr. Runkle, of Philadel-
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shortly to be despatclied for erection at Molokai on the site
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mander as responsible for the disposition of surplus property.
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chamber; the effects and uses of rarefied air ; differential pres-
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pepmob, H. 14 cnuca, H.; cnocige, B. 15 ftnepa, B. 16 )>ap, B.
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ents in this unfortunate case are still living, and continue to
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ing. There are two forms of the disease ; one in which there
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number of minor eye defects, which he can only sus-
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margin of the region respectively over the 8th and 9th ribs.
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(«) In some cases the position of the tumour precludes successful
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Slh.llKl ll,,-.\M-..,i -l„.U llu. lM-....n..-,.| ,, I.TriLin bodv in lllr.ll,,p,.nf,,
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only a small amount of sugar, namely, 0.23 gm. came out in the
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by very narrow segments, situated for the greater part in the interior of the
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I had thus prepared for this important accessory of the new
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and a papulo-pustular syphilide on the body, the patient
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improvement, shown by loss of local tenderness and of abnormal
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children vaccinated after infection with small -pox, AH
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the New York Department of Health, as it causes less pain when injected.
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of Paris bandage can then be applied over all, including
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to a court of summary jurisdiction for an order authorising the occupation of the