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tained in him, or passing from him to the object; but by the
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fever; recovery. Brit. M. J., Lond., 1897, ii. 1720. Also:
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Russell Square, to Georgina Mary Jane, eldest daughter of George
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6,000 doctors in 2,000 practices from coast to coast.
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cervical cancer, tlie cancerous masses were found destroyed
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vocal generation. No difficulty can be greater, than to con-
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Certain portions of the membrane lining the internal surface
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possible to offer a more favourable prognosis. It should,
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infarction of the intestines, and hemorrhagic pancreatitis. Sometimes
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damp cellar, since which time he has had cough, and
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much opium is necesHnry for overcoming this disease, it is there-
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lotting is injurious by lowering the vital forces. Mercurialization is oIk
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the functions of this plexus, we may tabulate them as fol-
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high colored, and is generally stated to contain a deposit either of urates
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thrombosis and myomalacia. The record was taken shortly before
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III. Lateral sinus pysemia. — Occurs both in children and in adults.
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-contains an abscess which comes close to its under surface. Or, on the other
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clear before the extremities are affected. Slight desquamation
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The incongruity between the generally accepted theories with regard
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to heal, and occasionally, about the sixth or eighth
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swollen nodes. Nodes from the three chief groups were always
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potent poK"\'alent antidysenteric serum is added and the tubes are reincubated
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portion of the metacarpal bone of the thumb was re-
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Mrs, I^, aged 30, October 25, 1901, married 2 years and had
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cally by comparing with a copper solution of known strength. We began by using
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be made on successive days and the procedure repeated every month as
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Occasionally, too, now, Tommy, the little bo}' was mentioned,
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suckers and a rostellum, with ninety hooks (18 /x long). The pro-
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heri)es zoster (which was possibly a disease of infectious origin), but likewise