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a wrist or hand and of a difficult one like the gastro-intestinal

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3000 feet). It was probably conveyed there by Japanese

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however, to explain the dilatation of the left ureter. A vaccine had been

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in the linea alba midway between the umbilicus and pubis.

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been numerous— this preternatural membrane in the trachea

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fide practitioners of the healing art as to have fallen almost

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and hundreds of fever cases in that street. There was a letter

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with anhydrous potassium carbonate, then with freshly

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belonged could not attend, in consequence of other engagements ; at

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we have in small doses of bichloride of mercury just what

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(jyorrigo sentulata) and scabies, the former being usually aggravated by the

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Case I. — Mrs. M., 60 years of age, a patient of Dr. John J.

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Eight convulsions before delivery and one after ; anasarca

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slight fluctuations, steadily got worse, and was accompanied

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be removed by boracic acid fomentation and then the sores must

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in our observation the gravest form of infantile convulsions.

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time after the full dilatation of the os, even before the head has

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with Dr. Bland, that had he been sufficiently early in possession

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in the question: Which bacterium or which group oi organisms, <t

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our most serious consideration. What of crime and recklessness there

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marked rapidity as to leave one more in the dark than

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Under the name of screatvs is described " a singular neurosis of the

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reduce it except by great force. In the second speci-

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Dr. J. H. Ripley presented, on behalf of a candidate,

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and general unthrifty appearance. Such subjects grow badly,

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" The blood furnished by a venesection is whipped on its discharge from

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very great we may prescribe such sedatives as may be demanded. If

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with both hands. As a rule, Avhen reflex movements are excited by impres-

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ten or twelve thousand Missourians had crossed the Mississippi

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harsh policy, but, while human love of life and human

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ical Association ; Dr. Abraham Jacobi, of the Pediat-

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neum or parametrium by direct extension. If the two coexist, I would

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the faculty. That he had colleagues whose mental en-

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12. Medical teachers should keep peace with the progress of

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what new treatment options are likely to be available in the