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le death-rate proved, however, to be extremely small, but the
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with a few streaks of blood. Pulse 88, small and weak. Urine, sp. gr. 1020 ; voided
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Thus we see that the whole of the usual residents in this house
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for extreme degrees of degeneration in cases of chronic course with little
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ing of Fowler's solution, which had been prescribed
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bilateral paralysis of the abductors of the vocal bands. A symptnin, wdudi
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internal jugular was tied. No man who undertakes to discuss wounds of
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To say he will be missed is a gross understatement. How can
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long ago, usually on more than one occasion, and then were somehow
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interesting as well as useful to the ordinary practitioner.
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Insanity occasionally followed an attack of nephritis ;
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having one of them ripened by being needled under co-
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complexion, and in this way the habit is formed. But, in other cases,!
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ganglion of the right facial nerve, had caused all of these
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But he would not counsel this until he had first tried prolonged and active
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the central parts of a spindle-celled sarcoma of the scalp. It
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stronger aggressor, or an inanimate body prepared for
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XIL — Deformities of the Kidney — Irregularities of its shi^ and position, . 48
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slander he brought against a member of the Committee. The
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the Eustachian tube into the tympanum. Patients are sometimes
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sibly in the blood-making organs, acting in association with climatic
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out most conspicuously among their Italian contemporaries
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the o\Tiers of houses inhabited by the poor to believe that it
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jaws of the " slightly indented and fenestrated or open
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the process of dividing the healthy parts of the omentum in
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Warsaw and Zawiercie epidemics, was not high when we consider the
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made by the fact (already mentioned) that the primary deviation increases
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will be seen later, is divided into four parts, each being
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most liable to this disease. It is very exceptional to find foreign bodies,
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Bystem to diseased action. All cases, he says, maybe
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the cells, any moi-e than light or heat does. The construc-
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premature labour. It was, however, to be expected that the operation would
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pain caused by the complete stoppage of tiie blood that the
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For rent in Egleston Square. Occupied by physician for past 10 years.
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subject. With such an understanding of the purpose of the work
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the tension brought to bear upon it. A bag of shot at-
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tendency to the prevention of reinfection is the con-
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had stimulated the growth. On admission to the hos-
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practitioner to join two physicians in town of 12,000
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comitant administration of potassium salts and a .ootassium-sparing diuretic (e g., spironolactone or