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cent.); proportion to the entire number of wounds, 2T9 per cent.
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also political ones that should stimulate the definition
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through the intestinal canal as if the power of absorption had
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small-pox, or any disease not now known, of a contagious, infectious, or
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ferent classes of Jefferson Medical College, to their Alma
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the post-mortem appearanret." I presume that Dr. Moxon
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844 pages, 331 engravings and 46 full-page plates. Cloth, $5.00, net;
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serious interference with the muscles of speech and deglutition — the
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of a clamp or long forceps, then passing a needle armed with a stout catgut
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JVew Orleans. — Since last report 230 cases of yellow
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bacilli. In the second test the stool and the lime were
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all admitted are found suicidally inclined. Lunacy is increas-
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it is eminently convenient, as it enables the opera-
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craftsman who can do this and the average man will have to rely
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breaking or by means of a black discharge from the intes-
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malaria in children does not cause more disturbance of the
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acetone. The resulting precipitate was redissolved in ether and
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year the menstrual discharge commenced without mishap or diffi-
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Surveyors. Proc. Ass. Municip. & San. Engin.. Lond.,
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Die Typhusmorbiditat in Miinchen wahrend der .Jahre
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organs to which auscultation is applicable^ almost all the pre-
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vacuolation, was the most common lesion. The nuclei showed
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that the resolution was of the nature of a rrejudicium, and
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gradually effected. The fate of the wooden plates is
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small union ; or twice as many as in that of St. Marylebone. It is also to be
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indistinguishable from Landry's paralysis ; but after a time the integrity of
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scars and diseased vessels, much more frequently in general paralysis than
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During the stage of the eru])tion, anorexia continues, vomiting is not
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years of age to the oldest individuals. Many of the
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cause impairment or perturbation of function in a greater or less degree ;
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cial assistance available. .Abundant outdoor activity
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Observations have been made experimentally as to 'the
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once or twice), or paraldehyde (3j). When the pulse is weak