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Pakes. Bacteriological infection of filters. Practi-
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personal Medical history of the patie;it, including a narrative
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infancy. Among others, Billiard, Keen, Mitchell, Morton,
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apparent. It is worthy of note, however, thai histologic changes have
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because of its intelligence devoid of knowledge which
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is all important. Spells of irritability and unrest occur when the victim is
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Townscnd, C. W. Cases of extra-uterine orognancy, 438, 444; pla-
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walls which more readily give way under internal pressure.
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at the State Fair by the Department of Radiology, Medical
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unsuccessfully to remove it. They reported that their
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2. Detail in Cleft Palate Operations. Stewart L. McCurdy.
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1. AnatomopathologicStudy of Peritoneal Tuberculosis. Ga-
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salis, not a single area fix)m head to toe remaining unaffected (the first
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the rima glottidis ; the most cautious manipulation
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ture 102 ; countenance haggard ; pain over entire left side accentuated
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Altitudes at which epidemics of yellow fever have been
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and goes, or at least increases and diminishes. We have such a cause
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During the week ended January 1, 1910, 4 cases of measles
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the dignity of Vizier, but suddenly fell into disgrace, was
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to relieve the congestions. It helps to relieve many of the subjective
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The tumour has a great tendency to grow afresh, and, as a
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Chicken-pox, whose scientific name is varicella, is
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patient's house. Still more recently I was shown a urine of a bright
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Lastly, reference must be made to the surgical procedures
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A small piece of adhesive plaster is placed usually over
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as to the benefits which they are likely to derive from spa treatment.
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of metabolism was noted, with pronounced. losses of nitrogen, phos-
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and apprehensive. A tendency to involuntary eructations of
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to osseous union; they can be removed only by an open
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bnt when for any reason this is liberated and circu-
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counselling such measures as may favor the gradual attenuation of
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are distinguished from those of any other only by differences of type and*