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der, and Sir Kenelm took the secret with him to England. An
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patient can inspire or expire against a definite resistance.
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and cerebrospinal nervous system, as may predispose to the tetanic condition.
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concomitant aifections or other circumstances, the vital powers give way, and
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pended matters. The filter could be readily taken a()art
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but all other additions, such as alcohol, brandy, spirit of Ammonia,
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about an inch from the orifice of the artery. This however did
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arm had been gripped very strongly by the patient, and
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result in a long and dangerous illness, have been so modified by
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temperature. The urine secretion and urea elimination by
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outbreak of typhoid the first thing to be done is to
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ance of this most important preliminary work, rare skill and tact have been dis-
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sary. The impression at the time was, that the charges
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alone. All these facts must be taken into consideration when forming
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pressure. The internal use of arsenic, the doses increased to the utmost limit
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Society, to the effect that there was a crying need for homes
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muscles of the tongue and mouth. By means of a mechanical apparatus,
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tice, that, about this time, the friends in the Granite State, under
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announce that the first triennial prize of S250 has been awarded to Dr.
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istic evidences of myxedema were observed. An early diag-
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Read in the Seciioit on Medicine, Materia Medica and Thera-
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latterly being confined to a small area over centre of right scapula, and
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the lower extremity, supplanting as it does human agency, other than
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to collect the literature on these different subjects. When
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be secured by pricking the finger through vaseline, evolution
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of caustic potassa ; generous diet ; and as much exposure to light and
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histories it would seem that in families with a high
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fruit, but the crop this year at least has not been abundant.
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small: in fact, the cases met with were not more than 03 per
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<N r-i t* b- GO CO Tti 05 to M< CO t* -^ UO t^ U5 <N Oi O O GO T-H t- CO • i-H O "^ <M
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tion of Lathyrus sativus Linnfeus and other species of the same
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villages and has finally reached Madrid, Spain, where it
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a paper on this subject : — 1. Intra-uterine injections can be
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the disease has been endemic in Brittany since the earli-
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region of western Carolina attending to her household duties : one,