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and augmented in melancholia. The urine of maniacal

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rhage from inertia of the uterus after delivery, and constitute the cases in

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R.N.R.T. is entered with very superficial medical examina-

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measure caii not be continued for any lengthened period, since the im-

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Marriott, W. McKim : Phosphate retention as a factor in the production

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portion remains firmly fixed wherever its point of attachment

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patients have not got an odour sui generis, as stated by most observers. In

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languages. This gift is conditional on the making of similar

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porary, this practice should always be adopted. After

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always, man for man, present a marked inlcriority in physical qualities

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of anaesthesia which are here collected. They are more in

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The seventeenth clause of the Warrant they seek the

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scientious medical jurist in confining himself to the medical facts, is often easily

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Surgeon- General very justly says that the weakness of a

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The new Gresham Professor of Medicine, Dr. E. Svmei

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chaleurs et de sueurs . . ." Alphonse Laveran, Traite du paludisme (Paris: Masson, 1907),

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granular protoplasm. These were typical lymphocytes.

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which I have occasionally tried, but of which I can only

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as liable as other officers to break down under the ex-

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cases of typhus is greater than in ty{)hoid fever. The significance of fi-e-

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tion it was dull, passed but little urine, and the head and

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{May 9. This patient may be considered as absolutely well, although his

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cians generally to see that their patients bought the book.

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Dr. F. B. Carpentek considered aconite abortive in the

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is the case of A. B., who suffered from recurrent attacks of

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in writing an elementary manual of tlierapeutics. In the present

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number of readers. If he does, he will, we fear, certainly be

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relation to preliminary education and the requisites for graduation, be re-

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impossible for the same animal to suffer from two, three, or even

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sticking into perfectly solid tissue. We should not desist if we obtain no

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contracted, especially at the heels; the heels getting high, the

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15.378 inches on 141 days during the same period in 1887, 24.086

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pathological appearance was one of extensive sloughing

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By the time the wound of this operation was healed, the

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Mauooir of Geneva ; while Pelletnn, Boyer, and Larrey, reject it } MM.