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quent intestinal colic, a more profuse menstruation, the same
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third the radial is remote from the vessels, hidden as it is by the
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change of view as to the class of cases which ought to fall under it.
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vanization of the sympathetic (superior cervical gan-
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gymnasium, and all necessary accommodation for 170 pupils
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does, a complete Atlas of Anatomy with a thorough treatise on systematic, descriptive
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mon case, the carotids appeared distended to the bigness of a
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handling varying from gentle to severe, and being accompUshed
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cases in which an intracranial tumour cannot be removed (cured) by
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Symptoms. — The general symptoms of dyspepsia, and the
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since epitheliomata often follow this affection. I will have the specimen
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and Antiloxines. The subject is ably handled under four heads: 1, Blood
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of the posterior gray horn, is a broad band containing the sensory
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sufficient without direct pressure of the uterus on the
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Roux, Bulletin de VInstitut Pasteur, Nos. 1 et 2, Fev.,
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greater the angle of aperture the greater is its resolving power. But the
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to sleep during the night. At this time I could see
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gous to ei)ilepsy or hysteria. But since it has been dis-
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in the 150-mg group, and 18/139 (13%) in the 300-mg group.
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lesion. Ravenel and Irwin have reported three cases of cavity formation
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moderate leukocytosis (20,000 or more) may rarely be met in true splenic
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hell. His digestion and general health suffer, and he is apt to become
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an operation whereby her beauty anc^ incidentally, her
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Five months ago pain and discomfort began in the abdomen, and three weeks
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tained postmortem. The Comrnission having preserved a
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ing up and diminished acuteness followed the use of
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most part secondary to an infection of the genital tract.
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on (thirtieth day) the previously clear bile Qj^j evidence of haemorrhage into or
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case de epilepsia .iacksoniana; ciira. Coinibra med., 1892,