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Dog 26. June 3, 1911. Weight, 8.9 kg. Given 2 c.c. diphtheria toxin
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It. i.ri>com, of New York, read an account of a remiirkable case of diarrhoea
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timely attention to any danger threatening life and limb from any direc-
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of deaths of those not treated, we have the figures 154, a mean of 38
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ing, the paraffin being delivered, when required, through a rubber
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analogous to the physiological sensations. These last pushed to
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Washburn, and L. Rogers, of the Bureau of Animal Industry. In
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outhouse and the barnyard, in a good position to take the
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Section of lymphatic gland showing lymphatic channels with cellular thick-
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nerves in the neck. Pain is the premier symptom of spi-
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relieving the deep-seated inflammation. On this principle the moxa,
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little on the under surface of the right frontal lobe and on the tip of the left
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muscles suggested a nervous origin of the trouble. The inflammation progressed
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I ;,i- li'.iuiri' -a.i- tiin-ivlfi'i.'il ijiiili' ili.i^iii i-l ii i it'i.i. .ilui tli',' di.i'jiii '-i-
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both membrana tympani, as it is ordinarily described as doing. The
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accidents important. Technique of same. The surgeon as
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cited by, and his attention directed towards, the advances
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Rev. de med. v cirug. prAet., Madrid, 1886, xviii, 113-133.
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Stated Meeting, September 22, 1899, the President, William Cheatham, M. D.,
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with a unilateral pupillary change. The redness of the face associated
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'detached molar' of the jaw, and of the flint /iac/ie.s. That day, without the
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U. S. Steamer Ranger and ordered to the U. S. Steamer
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resisted the passage of the index finger. The duodenum in its
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grains ! In the zinc sulphate ointment a " low" dru^st in
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the constipation and by disinfecting the intestine. The lat-
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laxative bitter tonic, and is very useful in the treatment
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in which we find a good deal of swelling and congestion of the
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•was present at the following actions fought during
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day but away perhaps to-morrow, then to pass into the
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little altered, and for the most part below the healthy standard, excepting
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version is the beginning of the prolapse. The f various types are common with hematoma
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smell. Her general health is somewhat reduced ; she is pale and feeble ;
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