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The disease tends towards recovery without treatm mt, but

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Duration of the Fever, and Convalescence. — Under ordinary cir-

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the sudden loss of her husband and eldest wean at once. Sometimes the quantity is

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students, not to idle away the first session, as is

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them somewhat an elephantiasis-like appearance (fig. 2). Several deeply

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finding of a stone have been made. In the paper above

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stretched out. The pelvis was filled with soft tumour, contiiuious

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this time she has noticed the abdomen enlarging. Also for the same

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explained to the clinical class, but it must not be divulged to his inquiring

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tentatiously pious people that they give it to be un-

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lowlands, which intercepts the sun's rays, retains heat, ob-

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unsexed man from taking orders, and even if this were

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Examination : Her general development was good, the breasts were

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hypostatic congestion at posterior border, otherwise nor-

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diagnosis of a perinephritic abscess or of a retroperi-

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cellent Lettsomian Lectures given by him before the Medical

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toxic power, and it is therefore not recommended for this work.

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Medical Officers of Health, to be held in the evening of

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height, weight, lung-capacity, and "total strength" of each individual

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person from whom the blood was taken, sufficient has already been

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reference to the questions connected with the history of the fatal

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very different one from the other, and what is observed in one

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made by the trocar in the operation of tapping the belly : and

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diminishes and the patient is for the time being better. Rest here should not

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natural groups of fixed individuality and distinct limitations. We

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remove the injurious material or destroy its action.

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epistaxis, no change has ever been noticed, so far as I am aware. In

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appear to Debruyn that flexion alone was adequate to the pro-

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it, in the adjacent parts of the cord where the infiltration of small cells

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somewhat similar to elephantiasis. The worms measure 1 to 12 mm.

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for his scientific merits, and to honour the Association in its

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The nerves of the iris he describes simply as the long ciliary from the fifth