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compliment and encouragement, but did not deliver any

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A word may be said about the changes noted in the lymphatics. These vessels

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little larger than the pulmonary arterial trunks, and carry arterial

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the irritating effect of acids on the ulcer. Dr C. H. Mayo says :

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will be sufficient to invite the attention of observers to this curious

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that intervenes between the different cancer-bodies was all of it pre-existent,

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papers, but on what authority has not been stated. One morning

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• diseases come much under his notice. It is well known in trypano-

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is still quite unknown, but the only fact we have the frequency with

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and diphtheria, and often a membrane forms which renders the early

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of which but one terminated in death. Several of Griesinger's cases,

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be quite baseless, except in those whose disease has

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in Manila he will report to the commanding general, depart-

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or twelve days of a fever not to be distinguished from typhus ; or he goes

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6 to 12 years of age; Vi tablet 3 or 4 times dally. HOW SUPPLIED: White, scored, sugar-

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complish the end in view, and is much less likely to be attended with bleedings

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on slippery streets are apt to have wind-galls in the hind legs.

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on 'Plague,' but what is meant by this is not certain, though

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articles which, although they m,ay be creditable to tlicir authors, are

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would be due to it a lesion producing this paralysis? Or may it not

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serous surfaces, or the systolic pulling apart of the pleuro-pericardial mem-

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known deadbeats ? It is easy to find those who say they

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ceased, and she supposed that it was the menopause, but

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quinine should range from 16 to 30 grains; its use may be confined to

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isolated from the cerebrospinal fluid. In nine the fluid was

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question is not dissimilar from that of danger to life. We suffer a

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lished in the Province medicale for October 26th. Dr. Kuhn,

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pleading unconscious intercourse or pregnancy require

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should be amongst the sections dealing with the acute infec-

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divided into two parts — not by a fissure such as the lateral

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" He told us he was born in Largo, in the County of Fife,

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ed liquors and wine, together with indolence and inactivity, are the

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The last specimen of sputum obtainable still contained a few

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The only sure method of determining to what degree a given water

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seen the remains of the parent cell. This picture I regard as the