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always succeed in the commencement of the paralysis in
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the English Poor," " Short Notes on some of the Details of
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(jf the world. Patients labouring under this disease hear the voice
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another note he speaks of them as "catena", i.e. brake (Quad, IV.
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labouring, and seemed surprised and distressed by it. When he was endeavour-
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coagulated and settled down to about one half, i.e. about
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One of the ablest physicians of Mississippi informed me that the
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In addition to the Chairman, Dr. Joseph Czarsty, were
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The efficacy of intramuscular penicillin in the treatment
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taken as something of an index of sanitary conditions. Table IV
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excited. The next day the urine increased from two to four
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gazed as at a ghost — so piercingly ! Often his lips would move : yes,
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the sclerostoma equinum. The posterior aorta and anterior mesen-
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stain of the latter is dissipated by heat. Oils are also divided into
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so that all the varied motions and effects induced by these aeents, vie : Chkriae,
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profit. It is true that, unlike most of the friendly
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depression of the surface is perceptible. The mother, who has bred
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and consists apparently of a fine crystalline structure (bacilli) ;
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War 1 and ophthalmalogist in Springfield for 25 years.
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is desired to ascertain the volume of the red corpuscles in relation to
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twice the vohime of alcohol, and suddenly, when the fluid which separates
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name of this plant ; it grows in our pastures and mow-fields, — height
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caseous glands in the right side of the neck were subse-
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system rendered unusually susceptible at a period of great
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takes place, the coldness may continue, or the body may again become warm.
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the native villages in malarious localities, but should be situated at some
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the frequency of administration and the quantity ad-
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osity of the nails causing white spots, or even a crumbly consistence
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Lastly, in the event that quinidin does not control fibrilla-
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Stoll is said to have successfully produced infection by ruljbing into the
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Selloanus Eugler (Rio Janeiro Jaborandi), and of Pilocarpus
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caval path as the path of least resistance does not hold in many cases.
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The nurse told me on the evening after birth that the child
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istic evidences of myxedema were observed. An early diag-