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his calling the glands of the groin the glandulae Pleiades, and his

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in such a position as to relax the femoral muscles, the bladder

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fetal structures throughout the greater part of gestation. The

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with anaesthetic centres on the left side ; still another, in which the sole

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tained, the author has recommended and practised immediate

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increase of the oedema and redness of the skin. In uretliritis there may

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2. [Gr. irve(»/«.n' lung + Therapy.] Treatment of

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1. Tertian Fever. — In this type, caused by the presence in the

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ledge could not understand the distinct expressions of the voice

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specific treatment was employed. Well-authenticated eases of

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put his views before the world until the year 1755. As regards

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present in those cases ; what has been the state of the villous coat of

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evidendy exerted upon the intussusception, as the violent

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the subject. The man of genius gets the most money ; the man of

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against the pubes, so that the posterior half of the fascia

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out untoward symptoms ; the other, with a temperature of but

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The first class of paralyses is most common after typhus

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never met. It was not until July, 1866, that fourteen breeders met in

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Albert H. Buck and Normand Smith, of New York. Bvo. pp. 69. New

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below. In the first column are murmurs heard before

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are insulated with cork, lined with cement, lighted by natural light, and keep

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Council has to contend. Dr. Apjohn, one of the appointed

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backwards, is not clearly demonstrated by any of the numerous writ-

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given at schools and playgrounds. The prenatal work, which

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While there is a marked leaning of medical authorities to heredity as

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children of 5 were tested and both were correct, while

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bers. Undoubtedly some alcohol is produced by these, and

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exophthalmic goitre there was no pigmentation. (Dr Bruce re-

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Hicbmond & Louisville M. J., Louisville, 1873, xv, 71-92.

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To diagnose this form of endo-metritis, place the patient in a semi-prone

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milk-ducts. Finally the ducts rupture, and epithelial

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forceps. I now unlock the forceps, and free the prepuce. As you can all

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rigidity in the abdomen occupied a space of 2i inches in circum-

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prove the constitution by placing the patient under the most different