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columns or the stationary masses like fluid lava. This

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cortex. The so-called white softening is met with particularly in the white

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bladder, he introduced a rubber bulb, tied to the end of a soft catheter.

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sub-serous myoma. A large amount of haemorrhage from

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The article in this number of the .Ioursal on " Arterial Murmurs," kc, was taken from the London

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Session and of the House of Del^^tes, which minutes shall be

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Guide to Health, with other works in defence of the

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and surely becoming antiquated. There is not one good

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Students who commenced their Medical Studies after Jan. 1,

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that it was the old story of beginning consumption. But

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Gravatt, Edwin J., 361 Second St., Troy, Rensselaer Co.

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of ether, the tumour cut into, and if found to possess the character of a ma-

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milk has a higher specific gravity, from 1034 to 1037.

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La mSthode ambulatoire dans le traitement de diverses

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the left of the nipple. The impulse was strong, wavy, and

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business proposal will be prepared. This was accepted

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rubber catheters. The moutli of the ureters was well visible in

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As an illustration of the great good resulting from

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and it is etymologically accurate, but the confusion that has

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ately following the systole of the heart. I was able by firm pressure

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on the top line represents the price per pound of that commodity April 15, 1917,

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of the fever paroxysm, diplococcus-shaped bodies be-

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Almanac; Forbc- II ■ i i , . , I, toWork'and Know-

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and foul rectal discharges, or stercoral fistula with an abscess. When it

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Jiardly ever free from some destructive epidemic? AtMeeanMecr

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1884, xl, 072.— $i;;iiiiiiid (C.) Eine permanente Interna-

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