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Society; Mr. A. Nappeb; Mr. T. H. Uartleet; Mr. William

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with a punch, with a well defined offset toward its floor. If

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probably the best preparation for babies is malted milk,

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usually go to advanced age before these cysts appear, why

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Rat 412 put into the infected breeding-cage on 15 : ii : ^13

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quantity which can be procured during the process of digestion, on

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work, but that it succeeds so well and with so little of failure.

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Old, with Recovery. — V, A. Latham finds little in the liter-

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the adjacent tissue, where in consequence it accumulates

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being treated in a courteous and gentlemanly manner. Any one dis-

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BuiUh Union.— Hugh Bennett, M.RX.S. E., L.S.A.. to the Aber.,

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ment and 14% with the second one. He did not observe any bad effects from beta-

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on by a large dose of calomel and jalap. Opiates in fall

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exercise, and have the added disadvantage of the 20-pound

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moting speedy death. In rare instances the rupture has been preceded

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rapidly. Mixtures of sand, clay, and loam, while not so good as

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Dr. Murray replied that he thought that it was sufficient to

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rupture of the biliary capillaries leading to degeneration and necrosis

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case; he resected the spinal accessory nerve; a woman at the city

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appeal to facts, we should then have a criterion by which to estimate the

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Chairman : The committee then is Dr. Gray, Dr. Babcock and

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spirit being at the same temperature as the atmosphere, and a denser

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must be eschewed. In the rare cases in which mercury so used disagrees,

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ture has been normal for several days. The diet should now be more liberal,

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and spoke and wrote about the history of medicine and of such allied

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ones they are prescribing, and they must, as they do,

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which an aneurism can be produced while this change is

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This was fixed in sublimate, and after paraffin inclusion serial sec-

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by a fold of membrane, that a match could scarcely be passed through.

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