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color of which corresponds exactly to that of the diazo reaction.

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exposed more directly and continuously, in the discharge of his

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tainer, add 500 mils of distilled water, agitate it thoroughly, let the

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and then applies to the skin an ointment of 2 per cent, ichthyol

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become necessary first, to properly consider their nervous ar-

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its usual brightness in the closed room, and it was only ten minutes after the

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importance. From experimental observations it seems probable, at

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port Dierling's theory. 7. There is no evidence to show that

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liquefying bacteria which are very common in Connecti-

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fore you the opinions to wliich observation and reflection have led me;

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to the ideals and true aims of the profession. Their very

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three constitutional units of government : the Federal, the State, the

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couraging as to warrant the e.xtension of the application

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hour at 37° C, shaking the flasks every fifteen minutes.

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symptoms in severe poisoning in all animals are : trembling,

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the question will arise — to which of the two causes his death was really

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Our chairman. Dr. Amanda C. Bray, gave an interesting

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this great prostration of the sanguiferous system, together

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eruptions sometimes erythematous, in others more like a chronic dry scaly

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tion is extremely diversified, and evidently more or less

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rified to notice, in the list of articles made last year by the tailor, this item,

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it generally appears towards the termination of " the heat,"

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:i operation upon the lymphatic system of glands, mon

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a new mild stimulant-antidepressant, and Doriden, a

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feeling very giddy, and sometimes ^^jk ^ j^-^ small and

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after being in the asylum for some time, she became reformed, and for

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extension downwards of cerebral meningitis. (See Case XXXII.) I

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general ; and out of eighty-five individuals at that time con-

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present in the right corpus striatum and optic thalamus. Scane;

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aversion to tobacco and to dogs of non-personal allegiance,

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faint only ; when it ceased for thirty seconds, an epileptiform fit