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fever complicated by lung symptoms. We have lately seen

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Since the feasibility of obtaining peptone in any desired quan-

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would so decidedly expect it to undergo when all around is

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opinion, however, I cannot see, even supposing what has just been denied, that

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this theory any explanation of why in some cases the haemoglobinuria

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the medicine for about a fortnight, I found her in a state of severe sali-

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poulticing until they contain pus, and should then be opened

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important light was thrown upon several questions earnestly

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[8] Croozon. Bull, et Mem. Sac. med. des hdp. de Par., 1916, 3rd ser., xl, p. 1926.

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fifth nerve is concerned, is practically a removal of the

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eie,Xdnof SGOT. SGP* enzmes ''greater Sian 500 Ll. and. in a stogie instance.

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tures. When the patient is delirious or unconscious, or is a child,

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Infectious Pleuro-pneumonia in Goats. — In 1894 there appeared

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with inflamed fibrous tissues and in strong vigorous subjects.

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"On the evening of February 6th, all the symptoms commenced to subside.

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an important role in the Isthmus of Panama, is the use of

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But, as is well known, the history of philosophy is full of lessons which show

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all events, show that there are degrees in the force

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science. But with our present knowledge, I cannot understand

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The presence of air and liquid gives rise to splashing and sometimes me-

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motive, and to hesitate liow far we can consider our author's

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to the Provincial branches that membership in full standing

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has entered very fully into this question in an able article

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Originally a purely anatomical and coarsely morphological

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ment of little shacks or shanties for the sale of vile whisky out-

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of the nerve may present the appearance found after a simple or non -inflammatory

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the loss of relation between the strength of the muscular

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l"ii:t lia- In-cii prrt'iTalrJ aiUt-n .-pi .-ti-rii irl\ h\ a Miiall nii-ili.' Muii a- a

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appeal to facts, we should then have a criterion by which to estimate the

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knowledge of the treatment of vesicovaginal fistula has been reduced

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the actual number of organisms present and to kill those which are