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extra-uterine pregnancy, and it is just on this account that many of these

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patients' morals, but it strikes me that if there is one duty

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tissue, and with more or less altered cells lying often at the

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ORDER 2. Choanoflagellida. — With collar-like processes surrounding the

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of obstetrics and has assumed the name of gynecological. It has as-

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ease of his heart, and in the pelvis of the right kidney a large

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to Hippocrates, the Asclepiadae, though employing for the most

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overlap existed between the groups of values. Among cases

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Prize winner for his pioneer work. In cardiography.

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not being very intelligent did not suspect any serious

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meister^ states that when the oesophagus is obstructed by carcinoma,

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Radical Operation in Acute Cases of Appendicitis. — By Von

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lotting is injurious by lowering the vital forces. Mercurialization is oIk

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occasionally infarction occurs, and in rare cases the spleen

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sub-serous myoma. A large amount of haemorrhage from

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gans. Its diseases are for the most part secondarily induced, either

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Obstetrics and Med. Jurisprudence, by Professor D. Humpiirkys Storer, M. D.

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of pneumothorax are, for the most part, sudden pain or uneasiness in the

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Varicose Veins. If extremely painful or leading to ulceration, past or

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with hookworm infection. It may be stated, however, that

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of the time. The exact extent of area of metallic reso-

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any one competent to judge, that vivisection constitutes

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colon, pushing this forwards and reaching to witTiin an inch of the

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of local injury. For instance, anthrax produces a malig-

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it is eminently convenient, as it enables the opera-

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sentative of the Congressional district where he resided, and

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tumor resembling that of the gall-bladder, viz., egg-shaped, and its situa-

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been communicated to him, finally decided to follow the

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tend to decrease the blood's coagulability. Eggs, milk, and, as

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the cervix uteri during gestation. I^Tow, how Weitbrecht,

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