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The attack is rarely accompanied by a distinct chill, but chilly sensa-

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Ueve that I am required, under a provision of the same law, to

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Hw, Operatire Surgery of tha lye and Bar, Pathology aad External Diseases of the Bye.

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column. He was also inclined to think that, while removed from

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applied nightly till a papular eruption follows), painting with tinc-

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30. Illner WD, Schleibner S, Abendroth R, et al: Recent improvement in clin-

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recruit, the variation in structure is so great that but a

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Analogous to the expression " ischuria," which signi-

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Only one autopsy has hitherto been obtained, and in it no lesion of

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were for the most part tv-phus, and at the end the typhoid fever almost entirely

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tedious, devotes himself to the proper management of the

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at Paris, according to the Lancet. The next is to meet

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Reprinted from Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, October

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turnsole in wine, which the Greeks call Heliotropium. Bran moistened with vinegar,

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An Atlas of Venereal Diseases. Translated and edited by Freeman J. Bxjm-

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ments of traveling doctors, recommended, placed on file.

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All perfect works are God ! Spring those slender, snowy threads,

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unless such law is referred to in ss. 200.26 and 204.31

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Dr. Farr, in closing, stated that he always had ether

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be quite desirable; but we do think that competent and

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will always remain an earnest one till the researches of the

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on the catalytic activity of the blood. This is in harmony with the results

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assistants are employed, their exertions are sudden, violent,

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The new Gresham Professor of Medicine, Dr. E. Svmei

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the patient had been previously vaccinated, I cannot tell what would be the

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Surgeons Pathology Conference, second Tuesday, 7:00 a.m. breakfast, Wadley Regional Medical Center

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of a vaso-motor paresis ; other symptoms pointed to the

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weak, his legs tiring easily, and he had a good deal of difficulty in

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(From the Laboratories of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.)

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patient freqnentlv (roes throiish » period of many months — even

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a foot and a iialf. lie was rimniiig forward and backward