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Dr Thomas Russell, 27A IVestmziir Street, Parkhead,
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persons living next door to an antecedent pellagrin and one case was
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few symptoms present very serious destructive processes are going on, and,
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Note. — The above statement as to the cause of boils is somewhat con-
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mittee and Society may have but very loose and vague notions of the
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Sec. II. " Preparation and use of apparatus required for
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sexes a woman, or changes her appearance or character,
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Fig. 71.— Sarcocystis Miescheri. Drawing made with Camera Lucida.
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You will note that he makes use of the cutaneous re-
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impossible and destruction of the epiglottis renders swallowing very
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with a certain common fracture of the leg, Pott's frac-
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of the English government. For, to the profound mortification
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pest with infected bile. The most hopeful results, however, appear
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In Erb's paralysis the lesion is a meningomyelitis of the lateral aspects
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See, aho,Cholexa( History, etc., of),by localities.
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in spirits has a more unfavorable influence than any of the conditions
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bilious fevers ; from the effects of which, he almost
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corpuscles, but ultimately the producing tissue (the bone marrow)
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France, in this country, although employed but to a limited
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signed "to serve as a practical guide to physicians, stu-
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Can you think of normal persons applying to the county for $2.00
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Dr. Finny said that the record of the case was of the
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The uterus presented the appearance common at that time. At the
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It was thus found that tive, or 1-45 per cent., origi-
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the next few days his somnolent condition did not change, and he replied imperfectly to
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during development, lowered vital tone, and the effects of the dis-
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drum membrane, no granulation, scanty pus that had a
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2. A retroflexed uterus with diseased tubes and ovaries. (If the ad-
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The oesophagus should be opened to as small an extent as possible,
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say. The 2Gth, is a slight case of acute rheumatism, which
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large English towns, including London (in which the rate was
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lent attacks of influenza simulate an acute typhus, milder cases a so-called
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caval path as the path of least resistance does not hold in many cases.
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The worker in the white schools only a few weeks ago awarded 60
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enlargements in the neck, however, makes it necessary to refer to the matter
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physicians have. The tuberculin and serum treatments as. at
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symptoms present. If one of the shot had entered the eye of the right
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gastro-intestinal irritation. Looseness of the bowels,