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The group of writers to whose works I have referred, and

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the whole arterial system. But how a proportion of carbone

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before the first injection, rising to 18,000 on the next

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Degenerations of the heart muscle not already considered ars amy-

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of D.C. General Hospital to receive their report on

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pass bj the posterior fasciculi, the posterior gray cornua, and probably, also,

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Hence the convenience and propriety of considering it as an individual

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the symptoms are very different. I considered this diabetic hepatomegalia as related

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science. But with our present knowledge, I cannot understand

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8. The use of the cautery and of caustics favors superficial cicatriza-

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meetings this one at Atlantic City was ican Medical Association. We join him

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with us, we have them to do our washing, attend our children, do our

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prior to his suffering from the measles. The dragging of the

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his experience the variations of temperature are in pyaemia always much

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consists in evacuating the serum from time to time ; the latter

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seem to be merely the modified views of the French physiologists Ma-

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arising again. He will discuss these corrective actions with

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tended and swollen, and the vessels were engorged. The

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recorded their general characteristics and individual peculiarities,,

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ficially immune animals had no power of destroying the

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which were witnessed under those circumstances w^ere attributable to any

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object, not even a lighted candle at 3 inches. He imagines

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whilst the horse's head, from the Parthenonic frieze, is quite alive, and

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skill in surgery was made the point of a moral by the aged Nestor in

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everywhere; hyper-resonant nowhere. I should mention that the

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swelled up ; the wound assumed an unhealthy aspect, and

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In a few days will be opened at the Sorbonne perhaps the

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ariastomosed directly or indirectly with the gut, because after

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successful. I think that Von Graefe's operation, if its success

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the synovial membrane, cause lameness ; whilst at other times

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enteric fever is a very fatal disease. In respect of prognosis the infantile

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turing the thigh-bone is applied to the former, and the injury

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and a chain of poliomyelitis globoid bodies, indicated by an arrow, have been

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