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innatural movements at all the joints and dislocation at

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supernatant fluid heated and used a- antigen, in order to have

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formation of certain organic acids in excess, such as butyric,

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and Zagari maintain that ordinary rabies results from bites on the

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taken at three or four sittings. Most adult persons undoubtedly eat too

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gen, furnished the chemists with an agent, the nature and pro-

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some had advanced the statement that the disease was

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On Sclerosis of the Spinal Cord : including Locomotor

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the body. — Med. Times and Gaz., June 19, 'accuracy, on which side the ovarian cyst,

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the radiating folds of skin, and thus greatly resemble

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powder are: acute tracheo-bronchitis, chronic bron-

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cally in some cases, reversely in others, in controlling abnormal vibra-

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A I.COIIOL-Sol.l I5LIC ]Ii:.M()l,VSI\S IN I»IJM)|) Sl-lilM

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Baynes, R. H., Durham, Univ. of Md., 1914 1914 1920

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males. Hun 'reports 24 cases of the disease, 23 of them

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intestine present either complete or in part rudimentary.

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favors its diversion from the blood stream into the subarachnoid

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factor is it, for instance, that makes the malaria of West Africa the

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" Prior to the return of this expedition, the discovery of try-

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conviction as to the efiect of ether, etc., has made me

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Two Cases of Appendicitis. Dr. A. M. Cartledge : I will briefly

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to epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis. According to Harbitz and Scheel, the

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tice lies very largely with urinary diseases, and pa-

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istration of ether was begun. The exit of the head was delayed by a

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efforts of which training is the sure and certain precursor,

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Recently, an editorial 7 in the New England Journal of Medicine estimated

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seemed to him to indicate degenerative changes in the lateral columns of the cord.

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kosolaposti. [Straightening the foot under chloroform in

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sible, but not referring the reader to other works to be consulted.

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sion, delirium, mild or noisy, and hallucinations ; simple dementia