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sovereign remedy. The question now is, will the Acad-

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for January, 1831, contains some facts collected by M. Carron-du-Vil-

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interference in the outflow of bile from the liver.

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in the menstruum, and. by others, to the improper preclonii-

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Hence patients feel less confidence in using their limbs. There

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dilate up to such point as the meatus would admit, and the most of us

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von liuksseitigem Gesichtsfelddelect des rechten Auges.

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other. I shall then, I hope, be able to build up a theory

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to contain 7,002.000 red cells jier cubic millimetre, ha-nioglobin 114 per cent.,

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T.wi.ou, B. D., 1st Lieut, and Asst. Surgeon. I'pon

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of pulse -rate, headache, and sleeplessness — is beyond the scope of the

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nephritis, reported by Thayer, the non-coagulable nitrogen varied

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regulations relating to houses of ill-fame and to the sale of alcohol,

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from the shock will be sufficient to abolish sensation to

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This specimen is fully described in Yol. I. of London Hospital

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water-closets. The indirect, but no less constant, result of

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is derived from the ineflicacy of local treatment, and certainly

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little from the former, chiefly, in fact, in the affection of the face.

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organisms that the small miliary and the large metastatic

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uneven and wavy, produced either by markedly thickened longitudinal folds or by flat

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general remedies, it is not necessary to examine ; but, in the contrary event,

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cases have been reported by Sternberg, Laveran, and others. All

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for the disease. This etiologic idea was lost in the middle ages on

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eases which caused the most sickness in Michigan during the month of

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somatopleure folds, it is very interesting to observe that when

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eration are : i scalpel, i gutta-percha tube (Fig. i); 2

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afternoon rise of temperature and, frequently, severe night sweats;

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calf in a weak alcoholic medium. An advance was made by

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all (?) that had been swallowed. Probably had some gastro-enteritis, as she

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Ointments. — When starch is boiled in glycerine the membranes

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perly be placed under that of phlegmasia?. It is then

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come crooked and get lodged in the passage, in which case the