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these dorsal posterior roots, Castelli and Pinel point to the clinical

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find, are f mailer at the lower end next the Root ,

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becaufe it eafily encreafes, and is not without trouble

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back fide of a pale yellow, ftrlped with Green, and

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have heard raised to medical education as a pre-requisite to medi-

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tum, etc., or from emotional causes, appropriate measures for

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four Inches long apiece, every one having at its head

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« incomparably pure and dear, and fo frees it from

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Censors — S. W. Turner, M.D., George W. Burke, M.D.

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the infection of other Peliilential or Contagious Dif-

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la (l defer i bed, there being but fmall difference be-

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tions and. Virtues , Authors have faid nothing, nor

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brother physician, do not try to shirk your own individual duty

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fides, in moilt and watry places, elpecially if the

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Dr. Keen of Philadelphia has reported a case where the ten-

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any of thefe Lillies, carrying many long and narrow

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in Oil Olive till they are Crifp, Lf c. Applied to Con-

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they are alfo called ( but more efpecially the firft

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the food so absorbed can really contribute to the sustenance of

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which being paji away, there follows fhort Cods, and

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fmall Tendrels or Claws it (hoots forth at the feve-

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nels, Ihortnefs of Breath , difficulty of Breathing,

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haj a Root which fpreads it f elf in the Ground , with

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and long green mealy Leaves, j. mailer than any that

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that had elapsed in the men from whom the serum was ob-

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round, rough , or rather prickly Stalks , about two

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row ones , bearing a J'piky bufh of pale , frejh colored

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perhaps so insignificant that it escaped the observation of others. No

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r it aria, alio Mur ahum, Ef Herb a Mural is (becaule

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t h e trail., long , and green at firft ; te when it ts

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that in the light of our present clinical experience the local

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tain difiances, into fever al parts or Leaves , even

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in regard to the existence of headache. Consequently, unless

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ished epileptic imbecile who manifests a number of stereotypies.

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r lux, as alio other Fluxes of the Bowels : and be-

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in large Tufts at the tops of the Branches , and un-

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Branches or Stalks, divided into other fmaller ones,