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sification in " Lichenographia Europea Reformata," is with-
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physiology, that when a part is inflamed, those neighbouring
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acid for the end just stated, but with little or no effect. Dr. Horatio C.
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nerve, passes in front of the mandible, to pursue a general lateral,
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The use of opium as advised by Prof. Stille may be safely adopted. This
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no one has furnished us with such a complete serie*
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and muscular debility is more or less marked. Febrile movement, vary-
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ammonia — in relation to the soUds is higher in the cerebellum
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attaches more importance to the inhalation of the steam of hot water,
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the ganglion tenninale and a Uttle more ventrally. This clus-
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is sometimes more complete than in cases in which a considerable por-
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the innnber of remissions. There may be but a single remission, or, on
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of medication as yet established. Benefit may be derived fi'om the judi-
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produce undue, and even fatal, narcotism, if the blood be surcharged with
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the function of smell will prevent their proper sapid impression,
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of these three varieties. The division into varieties is of not the least
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for fear on the ground of danger of repelling the eruption. In employing
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period is represented by a marked reduction in the amount of
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through the integument. The quantity of pus in some cases of splenic
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tion similar to that of the nucleolus, although I am not- sure
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due either to complications or to anomalous occurrences which will pre-
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tinued after the patient has emerged from the paroxj^sm, in doses of from
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Bedeutung (im Anschluss an einen Fall von menschlichem Tetanus).
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himself to be quite comfortable, and was discharged in the afternoon of
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deposited is in direct relation with the proportion of myelin in
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difficulty, and when protruded, may not be withdrawn, apparently from
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end of which is inserted into a vessel of water, which has an
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The usual period of incubation is stated to be from thirty to forty days.
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Great care was exercised to prevent decolorizing any of the
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neuralgia unapproached in power by any other, save only blistering and
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from which the ophthalmicus profundus has its origin, and to
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with smallpox antl measles. On the other hand, the two latter eruptive
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appfaruuct, and every one interested in studying; the : been brought up to the present mark iu the rapid ad-
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this stage, terminates in convalescence. These cases would not be con-
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sulcus (posterior parolfactory) showTi in the figure. Another
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two sexes are about equally liable to this aftection.
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nature of the sense in question must remain undetermined. The
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organ, which appears to occur to some extent, is merely incidental.
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rian or agminated, together with the solitary, glands of the small intes-
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he had difficulty of vision, which Prof. Noyes had ascertained to be due to
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ture of the case, but it appeared to have passed the period at
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interpretation of the phenomena ; jct I have recently met with a case in
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means of the style, situated upon a glandular disk, ovules erect;