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rare among the French wounded : the cases were treated in a special

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thirty years ; and the scientific observation of these cases has rendered

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right to insist upon the observance of that correlative condition. He

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fifth Annual Report. It numbers now over six hundred members, and

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in the Council I s)-mpathise and agree. {Applause. '\ I will not be mis-

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[In our next number we .shall give a more detailed account of the

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In the week ending Friday, 26th August, the deaths from small-pox

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consisting of some twenty-four parishes, and having an aggregate popu-

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ment, I found that the St. Pancras return was still in excess ; and

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2. Dr. MoNCKTON exhibited specimens from the femur, ilium, and

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OnStrangulation of tJie Uterus. By Graily Hewitt, J\I.D.— " Stran-

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goes to be inserted into the bones just named, is lodged. At this part,

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Dr. Rumsey's Address, which we publish to-day, delivered in the Sec-

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Northern, 2 P.M. — Samaritan Free Hospital for Women and Chil-

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menopause ; and four patients have been thus occasionally troubled for

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purgatives should not be given, and expressed a decided opinion that

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pathological condition to which man is subject, which makes us regard

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J P.M.— University Colleffe, 2 P.M. — St. Thomas's, i P.M. -

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examination disclosed a breech-presentation ; and, as the labour was

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voted much ability and labour to the demonstration that the normal

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will not then degrade, but will elevate ; and that alone will be true

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lead to that supposition. The presence of a considerable amount of

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cases of skin-diseases. Yes, 100,000 skin-disease patients at least have

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Plymouth ; Dr. J. C. Brown, Edinburgh ; The Honorary Secretary of tlie Quckett

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Dr. George Korn, private teacher in the University of Breslau, was

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many experienced surgeons enucleate neuralgic eyeballs, spoiled as was

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past one o'clock to a Champagne luncheon. Complimentary toasts