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respect to defects of sight and hearing will have shown them the unex-
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in one, a clearly established case of septic throm-
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1. Uniform pressure over the entire length of the inguinal canal, so that
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sostigmine, lavage, etc., should not be persisted in
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vestibules of the glands ; also transformation of the
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the Vanderbilt Clinic for diagnosis and treatment. I
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diseases, as typhoid fever, pyaemia, malarial fever, articular rheumatism, etc.,
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Lyon. — In .'\kron, Ohio, on Friday, June 17th, Dr. O.
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ready indicated. At first, they are small and multi-
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chiefly, and even in greater degree by the fixed con-
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termed auditory or labyrinthine vertigo, and the second class may be
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her personal appearance ; was inclined to be vain ; w ould
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vessels (Fraser, Delsaux, Yeo) ; (3) it acts but temporarily upon the
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Foster, A. D., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Relieved from
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the preceding. She was admitted to the hospital, having been in labor for
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exhausted of air does when it partly relills. .\fter re-
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that in the terminal exhaustions of the insane bac-
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degenerations are readily studied in cover-glass preparations made in the
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sidered safer. Unless the attack was their first and only one, they were
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surely be classed as a painful sensation, and is evidently due to exces-
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Another example of the interdependence of the aurist and the gen-
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to examining the patient that is necessary for a di-
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of myocardium, which so generally accompanies saccharine diabetes and
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by a bland oil, followed by soap and water, applied repeatedly until the
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phenol. The substance may be heated to 230'' F., and therefore sterilized
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study of general medicine as their base, go forward in any particular
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but died at her home three weeks later. Advanced mitral disease was
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brane, and that a large portion of the peritoneum had to be taken away.
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6. Ergot and sulphate of atropia, while but little experimented with,
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where it was used to hold in position the piece of bone which was
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first, and that the solution is injected slowly and
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where the symptoms have continued for months with such severity or
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considered as an inevitable phase of the disease, one may and must think
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facts before their readers. It is providential that
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administration by atropine hypodermatically, bandage the limbs if the patient
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twice daily and the interior urethra is irrigated w ith
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tion, one suspects but scattered bacilli it must not be
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kidneys, which is exceptional in children. The formula is : salol, 2 ; oil of