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Institute supplies it in tubes containing 300 units, at 60s. the dozen tubes. It
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tested with ammonia-nitrate of silver as previously described. A less delicate
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ley*s sedative solution, and to have constant fomentations of poppy-head
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disease ; thus Benvenuto Cellini, the Florentine goldsmith (1500-1570), says
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and ung. acet. plumbi ; has taken sulph. magnes. every day.
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two was a disease of tbe heart ; the other, caries of the vertebra. Id
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great many of the oral microbes are capable of generating acid from cane or grape
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with these appearances. The general symptoms of malaise, pyrexia, etc.,
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Dentistry is a very old profession, and was practised by the Eomans at
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by jalap combined with aromatics; and, indeed, whatever cathartics are
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flammation may be going on all the time, and all the appearance of cere-
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consists microscopically of a delicate intercellular stroma filled with small
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I In children, general bleedings are rarely indicated ; it is nevertheless
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productit^tn will discover, by and by, that he has labored to no purpose
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Taylor made some statements in relation to the danger of unlicensed
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had never been severe, and he had not been awakened by starting pains at
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On examination I found both anklfes swollen slightly, and both knees consider-
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and psychical disturbances may occur. The treatment consists in removing
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volume of the Journal, consider it narcotic. — Of three oiirang outangs,
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for delirium tremens. Wherever mercury is employed in the arts or
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Sarlandiere^s Anatomy, — After advising our friends, particularly those
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epididymis, one cannot detect the point of invasion.
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In the former case we should in general administer bromide of potassium,
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by a microscope he could see one hundred million of them. It is of
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ganglion has been removed, the sympathetic nerve has been divided, and
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time without symptoms is not extraordinary, for inflammation of paren-
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In the eastern provinces G-rahamstown, 1750 ft., Cradock, 2856 ft., and
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especially in children, and during convalescence it may become very slow,
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private e.nablishment for the treatment nf Invalids and ti>r surgical operations. Fie bas pracartd
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was partly ossiGed, the kidneys small, and the left one studded with mil*
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the constant use of an emetic, or the exhibition of castor oil. His ap-
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lem, now of this city, has invented a new magneto-electrical machine,
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fit of intoxication and other exciting causes, or immediately afterwards ;
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paralyses occur, some of which have already been mentioned in connection
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