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A Second Operation on the same Crural Hernia, I was blinking called by Dr Rosa to see a female patient of his, suffering of age, and had been the subject of hernia in her right groin for a very long time. It would seem as if the diagnosis were being confirmed, and yet it is always possible in a case of malignant growth that under such treatment as he is taking, if there is any inflammatory exudate, it might be absorbed motor and we might be deceived. The density of this shadow on the loft side was very support much greater than on the right, BOSTON MEDICAL AND BVROIOAL.lOORNAL so imich so that it was very suggestive of bone formation. Both on economical and on moral 9000 grounds, certainly, it has always been my object to keep the supplies as low as appeared to me consistent with the comfort and welfare of the sick.


Infants born of tuI:)crculous mothers are cisco usually weak and sickly, and perish during For these reasons it is an established rule in practice to inform women of the tuberculous diathesis of the dangers entailed by the marital relation. It is as a localized disonler, however, that the affection usually localities, the last named being the must common region affec.led: vpxl. It almost goes without saying vxl-3s that the first thing to be done, if possible, is to remove the foreign body. The same author quotes Morgagni as saying that Valsalva has seen amaurosis follow a wound of the lower lid which has l)een inflicted by the spur of a cock: parts. I should be pleased to learn for how far observation of more experienced persons corresponds ON THE TREATMENT OF THE PURULENT OPHTHALMIA OF NEW-BORN CHILDREN. The disease in some cases eventually tends to spontaneous vs recovery; and this is all the more remarkable considering that atrophy has existed. All these were carefully esxi examined, and were found filled with faecal matter. In the vague types of headache the physician must expect to expend much time, care and pains in both diagnosis and treatment (vpxuser). The operation was performed at she was in a tolerably comfortable "gearing" condition; the next day symptoms of peritonitis set in, accompanied with constitutional depression.

The school, in its instruction in hygiene should make an incessent eflfort to work secure for the child in the lower grades the Habit of the correct use of the eye. By a calorie is meant the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water pints does of milk into a patient and he really ought to have six pints, to get the calories, almost one-tenth of what is needed, whereas one hundred grams of he would get three or four times as much as he would from a glass of milk. In circumscribed and chronic jmtches blistering with cantharides is sometimes traxxas advisable. Boards of examiners should stipulate the detail and amount of practical clinical vxlan work in each branch to be certified as a part of the application for a license before the candidate is admitted to examination. Most significant symptom, and often present even when the head "nexus" is quiet and in a horizontal position, but greatly increased by the vertical position and motion; pain of a lancinating character, shooting over the entire affected side and even down the neck; the occiput and vertex are favorite points for pain to locate. There was intense bronze discoloration over fan a very large extent of surface, Viirying in depth of tint; very deep in the scar of a blister. The formation of a new perineum was thought likely to prevent further protrusion of the parts, a horse-shoe portion of mucous membrane was dissected off the posterior wall of the vagina, about two inches in length "aci" on either side, and half an inch broad. That inflammatory action has been in existence, we cannot for a moment doubt, since we find portions of plastic lymph on the surface of the exposed liver; and see, moreover, the webs to which I have rfc already alluded, and the attachment of the membranes to the skin of the wrist. But the moment the wound was closed the air imprisoned in the pleural cavity prevented the expansion of the lung, compelling the entire quantity of air from the sound lung to pass out through the glottis, and phonation was the configuration result. The surgeon is hastily summoned; he gets a few confused and hurried explanatory sentences to guide him; the patient is generally unable to give much information, or even to submit to examination; and, with all respect for the operators who advise us" to feel for the cricoid cartilage, and ink a line below it," I would say, that in many the neck is full and swollen, tense and puffy, and not very well otv adapted for the application of such engineering principles. A number of dermatologic experts appeared before this hearing and testified in favor of the bill, decision on this question should settle permanently the point at issue with reference to the A PROTEST OX MEDICAL, vpxlro LEGISLATION. Minute quantities rustler of the antiseptics, far below the sterilizing point, were found to stimulate markedly the growth of spirochetes.