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abscess formation. The patient returned seeking relief.
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Vegas, and Dr. Joyner, of Roswell, are the members of the
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Wicker, Dr. F. J. Bowen, Dr. W. E. Lauderdale, and Dr.
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[. The Different Resistance of Bacteria within and with-
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dered to proceed to Fort Moultrie, S. C, to Fort Dade,
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I. The Immunization of Animals against Tuberculosis,
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perseverance, and its successful utilization depends
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however, a number of dift'erent organisms are found,
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of the blood and fire crusade against witchcraft ; of
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in the majority of his cases in from one to seven weeks,
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Mason, William C, Acting Assistant SurgeoiL Granted
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ficially to be the bete noire of surgeon, patient, and