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Predisposing Causes. — The causes which predispose to the
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reported this case. The real value of the case is in showing the
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minute, and the cough, which she said was no worse than it had been
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to be cared for. The commander of the advancing foot troops or of
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such beats ; as, for instance, whether by pressure, you can, apparently^
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eliminating the germ of anthrax without affecting the material
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so much prescribed in the case before us. Its reputation, after some
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oil and Jerusalem oak seed and proceeded to "worm" the family
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Nine days after operation I found that there was pus in the
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traumatism of the air-passages, as a gunshot wound of the chest
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This was not looked for among the casualties which were to give
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In haemoptysis, hcematemesis, frc. DR. GRAVES recommends that
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they press on their surrounding capillaries, causing an active
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Dr. J. M. Blacksheare, (with enclosure ;) III., Dr. J. M. Mack ; Dr.
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and are weighed and then mixed with one third of their weight of physio-
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During the last three or four visits I have noticed a
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complaining of these symptoms, the characteristic sediment
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the lymphatic glands, are retained in any way, and are not normally
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