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October 13-15— California Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting

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day after looking out of the window at the bright sun. There were numer-

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called free thrombi in the heart. This condition was

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The severity of the different epidemics differed much

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as usual, she was dejected and silent, a state which had

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Medicolegal Aspects of the Roentgen Ray from the Standpoint of the Surgeon.

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a very considerable amount of the matters excreted by the kid-

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being rarely similar to the rigidity of meningitis. In

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man Should Know About It.— By Lawrence F. Flick, M.D., Founder

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years ago, being introduced in Germany some fifty years later, and in France at

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seuted by the quantity of blood contained in the evacuations. The g«fr

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New York City ; Etiological Relation of Autoinfection and Auto-

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nephritis will be cured under the above treatment; if the severe symptoms

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IS the great law of hygiene and of prophylactic treatment. The

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foimd our conclusions. In doing this it was not possible

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case is unlike that of splenic anemia; examination of

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<' York, to the detriment and hazard of the lives and limbs

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stimulants, who take them only with their nu-als, be-

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quired in our instruments for intra-uterine injection, and

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not an enema will remove it is questionable. I do not believe that an

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white color. The little white spots before mentioned

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brought under notice the occurrence of rigors in this disease. The

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Dermatol. Soc. of Great Brit, and Ireland, vol. vi. p. 5. — 7. Wilson. Op. cit. supra (2). —